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It's not a game. It's a toy!

It all starts with a seed.
Explore all cycles and prepare yourself to accept the inevitable effects of Mitoza.

Mitoza is a surreal game of choices by Gal Mamalya, published by Second Maze.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
AuthorSecond Maze
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction


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mitoza-windows-v2.zip 32 MB
mitoza-mac-v2.zip 29 MB
mitoza-windows-easter.zip 33 MB
mitoza-mac-easter.zip 30 MB


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love the lil brocollis

thank you for creating this awesome game it was so fun to play! the creativity of it is mind-blowing!! hhhhh

Even though Mitoza's description is that it is not a game, mechanically speaking I don't see it as so different from what a graphic novel would be, although of course without the novel part being replaced by surreal or abstract scenes that have undoubtedly left me thinking What kind of idea would you come up with next? A pleasant experience that although small, was the right size for what they offered.

Thank you for this amazing "toy"!

You can check my full game playthrough here:


Wonderfully imaginative and surreal. :) My favorite bit was the Shakespearean fly. I liked the clean and minimalistic layout too. Well done!

What is the internet for if not weird and unexplainable fun like this?  

Love it is has so many outcomes i havent even finsihed

Well, this was certainly an experience..



This was AMAZING! I got every ending and was entranced from beginning to end! Really enjoyed this quirky little game! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! 

What a delightful little experience. I love all things strange and abstract, and I feel this game perfectly satisfied that itch. 

Didn't get all the endings in the video, but was super fun to play and was a cool metaphor for life and everything. the art and animations were great and though it might be seen as random or weird, it was in the best kind of way! Was super cute, fun and great!

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my brain is fine but teriffied a little bit :)

Vim pelo Amdré Young


Is it remaster or a new one?

A beautiful game. Loved the design and the crazy humor. 

Hmm, Interesting…

Was part confused other part compelled. 

Loved the weirdness. Reminded me of the old Grow games.
Awesome work, had fun obtaining all solutions.


How fun.

played this on kongregate years back. excited to play it again and have it forever on our pc :) 


Couldn't stop playing till I got all the endings, really unique and one of a kind.

This is another awesome surreal and weird game, remind me of Isolomus, which I loved!

Here is every ending , every achievement, 

Thank you for the game!

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it :D, hopefully it's useful to you ^^

-The idea/concept is pretty awesome, and I really like how it is developed through all the different posibilities that can be explored.

-Visually it is pretty intersting how well done it is as it provides a very enjoyable experience.

-It stays pretty original and outstanding in every moment ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Mitoza: My review on Instagram
Shared & reviewed on instagram :) Attached this screenshot here to spread the word about this cool game hahaha
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cool art game..

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So excited that it's finally been released :) Downloading to play now!!

Edit: Just finished all the routes, very surreal associations that I wouldn't ever have thought of heheh :3