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Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.

wow that was amazing <3

Glad to play another game from the Cube Escape series. One of the best by far in my opinion when it comes to symbolics, a message and gameplay. I will gladly play it again

I am deep, so mysterious, so good! 10/10 game

i dont get it yet but i LIKED it

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Would totally recommend this! Well designed and nice voice acting. 9/10. But - I did not get two of the puzzles later in the game and had to watch a tutorial on youtube :-)

Very very nice graphic novel!


Puzzles are easier compared to other Rusty Lake games, but still nothing to sneeze at, with a lot of the game being focused on satisfying kinematic interactions. Note this game will make no sense if you don't know the context of the other Rusty lake games, but if you do the story is great.

a definit 10/10


Sad breakup 2/10

Top! Was dit ooit op een van mijn kasten te spelen bij Indigo? Komt me bekend voor, ook aangezien telefoonnummer in spel in Amsterdam was.


🍩☕ 🚪


Neat! Did not regret spending an evening with my girlfriend in front of "the white door" :) very wierd and sudden end though.

The alternate ending was interesting.  Noticed the sign/plague that says, "Robert Hill, False Accusations."

Unique and interesting- would recommend


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It's a nice and fun game, I currently have finished the domino mini game and damn that was hard. BUT it's niace to have a sense of victory over it. Will continue playing it <3


A really fun experience! Big fan of the split screen and mechanics that come with it


This game is more than i expected. First, i thought its just a "find this, find that" game, but its really more. Unique gameplay and story, it worth to play again, again and again


it was very fun, unique and the story is cool

Unique gameplay! While the story is a little opaque, this was fun and satisfying to play 


A fantastic experience. I played it in one session and was hooked for almost every second of it. I didn't understood everything but the story was good. The atmosphere is brilliant, with this mix of calmness and panic and mystery at the same time. The only puzzle which seemed unfair to me was the (I encrypted the following paragraphe in cesar 3 to avoid spoilers)

elug sxccoh, ehfdxvh L wkrxjkw wkh plggoh sduw zdv zklwh rq wkh uhdo elug. Dqg L sdlqwhg wkh vnb eoxh. L dovr glg lw olnh 10 wlphv ehfdxvh L dozdbv wkrxjkw L kdg lw uljkw exw dw wkh zurqj prphqw, vlqfh brx fdq gr lw dqbwlph gxulqj wkh odvw gdb.

All in all, a great game, which definitely made my night special.

First time ive seen spoilers encoded in cesar, thats smart!


I liked it


The games which created by RUSTY LAKE are all unparalleled.

Good game. Maybe a little depressing, but it's very well constructed. I've enjoyed it!

i really enjoyed until the ending...there was no conclusion

OOOO que es weno este juego compralo copralo AAA

All I get when I open the game is a white background, nothing else. I've tried clicking just about everywhere, in case there was a literal white door somewhere. I'm on macOS High Sierra with Intel HD Graphics 3000.

"Important: if you are a Mac Catalina user, there is a chance the file doesn't work. Please contact us at support [at] if you experience any problem."

I got it running by restarting it. I was running it on High Sierra, so whatever the problem was it had nothing to do with Catalina. 


I really enjoyed the immersive experience of the game. An independent story, a slightly different atmosphere, but ties into the other Rusty Lake games nicely. I enjoyed most of the puzzles too.

BUT... What actually happened?! The story was never completed. Did he kill her? Or did he just try to commit suicide after he learned she was dead? A bit disappointed at the ending - after your memories are restored, I expected to know what had happened.

You know what, I don't leave many reviews. This game was so well thought out, I decided I would take the time. For such a great price its worth spending the few $ for the enjoyment. It isn't a massively long game, but an hour or two of thinking and well written storyline and its well worth the price of a coffee and cookie.

The animation and graphics are crisp and clear, the sound is excellent and the story line is interesting. Well done on an app well written.


Just finished the game and liked it a lot! Great storytelling and clever puzzles. I've enjoyed the whole Rusty Lake series, but the stories seem to be getting even better all the time.

I adore the entire Rusty Lake series. It's the best combo of a mysterious narrative with sci-fi, fantasy, and horror elements wrapped up in an escape room puzzle that I can actually play and not have to worry about my terrible hand-eye coordination.

Funnily enough, I happened to be watching a John Wolfe video when the credits rolled and I saw his name! What a coincidence! So excited for the crossover!

super creative and interesting!!!!!! im a little stupid and it takes a second to get the puzzles but its something that you cant put down once you start

Wow.  Super creative. I can't wait to do more. 


A bit psychotic but oddly interesting

Very interesting game that kept me wanting to know more every step of the way.  Got it through the Racial Justice Bundle and I am so thankful for it, it was a well done, captivating game from the beginning. 


Very clever and interesting game, glad it was part of the Racial Bundle otherwise I may not have ever played it.


Beautifull and very clever game. Thanks for the experience <3

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