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Really clever game!

Madre mía, vaya obra maestra.


Très bon petit jeu, une bonne histoire et un bon gameplay

Brilliant Story, i liked the game so much. 

i love the way it included scenes and objects from previous games <3 ty for constantly making good games, Rusty Lake

En bref, un bon jeu. N'y trop long, n'y trop court. En plusieurs langues. Un conseil faite-le. 


incredibly amazing game really enjoyed it beautiful with smart puzzles and a weird story must play if you are into this type of games


One of best games that i knew


Absolutely love it! I played all Rusty Lake games, but this was the most "outside of the box-hehe" of all of them!


That's a incredible game. The story and gameplay is very intuitive. It's not just a common point & click game, your time worth it!

Absolutely brilliant storytelling, as usual! The story was very heartfelt and the puzzles were a good challenge!

Fantastically strange point and click, thank you for this

I've loved this series for years now and I'm happy this game wasn't like the others. Very good, as to be expected from Rusty Lake!

A short but beautiful puzzle/adventure game. I won't spoil it but the ending was very heartfelt.


Absolutely LOVED this!!!!! As a fan of the rusty lake series and cube series, this one knocks it outta the park!


Wow I never knew a game could make me FEEL SO MUCH. Very intriguing story with clever puzzles, very entertaining 10/10

I had no idea this game was a part of this bundle and as an avid Rusty Lake fan, I'm so happy! Highly recommend playing through the entire Cube Escape series in order, then following up with the other Rusty Lake apps like Paradise and Hotel. And Roots. My favourite game app series by far... Super weird and immersive, and just my type. Much love.


This game is fantastic. Just like all the other Rusty Lake games, it gets your brain going in all sorts of directions. The design is simple but significant, minimalistic, yet detailed. Once you've played a few of the RL games, you start to figure out the common puzzles / strategies, but that familiarity just makes the game even more fun.

This game is amazing! The artwork is simple, but it conveys a surprising amount of emotion, and the story itself is brilliant. The puzzles are challenging, but can be figured out with the available clues as long as you look for them hard enough! I only had to use a walkthrough once, and I felt stupid at how obvious the solution was once I read it!

The game is brilliant, such simple yet effective artwork and intriguing narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed playing!

I've bought the bundle - how do I download?

On the bundle page, at the very top, there's a button that says "download." Click that, and then you get the download links for all of the games.

First off, great game, just finished it, awesome work you did there.

On macOS Catalina it does work but you have to permit the execution of the app in the security settings explicitly. You would need to sign and notarize the App bundle with the Apple Notarization Service so this not necessary, at the moment Catalina sees the app as a security risk.

I've played through all of the cube escape series and that is one of the main reasons I jumped on this game. This one was a step above and truly exceptional. 

Well done!

Found myself instantly in awe at this game, such simple gameplay mechanics are executed perfectly. A friend put me onto this game and I am glad he did, whilst short the stort managed to keep me intrigued from out and weirdly enough I found myself building a connection with the character as you go on this journey. Clever puzzles are easy to overcome but still enjoyable and add in a nice level of challenge to mix up the play style. Would love to see more from the creators and even another story in this games style. 9/10, would recommend to all. 


Search for the cube escape series by Rusty Lake. Same style and format, but a little less of a full story than The White Door.

I absolutely love this game! I really enjoyed the story line and challenges. Its honestly one of the best games I've played. 

My only complaint is that I cannot get the achievement in day three's dream. It appears that the gameplay was shortened at the last moment, cutting out the mental emergency number to call.

very interesting game, received as part of a BLM bundle with 1000+ games. picked this one out and played through found 4 stars and the secret ending. Fun play, although a bit triggering if you've stayed in a mental health wing before. thanks.

It's a beautiful game in the rusty lake style, and surprisingly sad.  Would recommend 

Is this a  Rusty Lake game? why it is in another account?

this game is the best of rusty lake


I read through the description of your game and I'm really interested in it. However, I did also read the comment section and I've learned that there is an update. Is it a full release update or something just added to the game?

The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to make a YouTube video on your game, but I don't know when would be a great time to.

Have a great day!

^ . ^

I loved the White Door, but I wish it had more to it.  The secret ending was disappointing. I thought I'd found another level or an alternative ending. More play!

So what is this update? Does it add to the game?

 Anyway, thank you! Waiting on more.>Solomon

strange game

I also wonder about this update...

Sorry for the wait! Feel free to update the game now.

No worries, just was concerned about the lack. Onwards to playing, and thank you  for being prompt!

Hello guys, where can I find the update? o:

Hi Javi, sorry for waiting on the update, it is live now!


I'm pretty disappointed, compared to all the other Rusty Lake games. I kept waiting for more to happen, or to have more complex, difficult puzzles. I'm kind of sorry I paid for it.

I have never felt my lack of Short Term Memory and basic arithmetic quite so keenly before... I love it! 😂

(I'm on day 5 so far, I'll update when I've completed it 😊)

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so when I click to drink and I drink everything I can't exit the table on the first day. Opening the settings just freezes on a  white screen? Also there doesn't appear to be any sound on Day 1 (I haven't gotten further than that so...)

Update: was able to click on the donut and continue the Day 1 tasks until dinner, where the soda?? continually moves up and down without registering as drank.  Character won't leave the table when clicking and clicking other things at the table won't register. Is this game really buggy or just me? Clicking on the options again at this point causes the game to blank out.

Hi sorry to hear, could you please email a screenshot at

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hey man thanks for making me cry

This is one of the single greatest games I have ever played. I was excited to play it and was not let down in the slightest. Out of all the indie games I have played and viewed so far, this very well may be the best. Best three dollars I've ever spent: 10/10


Thank so much :)

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