What is Second Maze?

You might have been wondering what Second Maze exactly is and why it is co-publishing Rusty Lake’s upcoming title: The White Door.

Time to explain!

Second Maze is co-founded by Rusty Lake’s own creators: Robin & Maarten. We always felt that we wanted to collaborate with other talented developers and publish their own projects. With Rusty lake we have been working for years on creating something special: a series of connecting games, set in a universe with its own storylines, characters and rules. Furthermore we did our best to create a strong community around the games.

 And now after 4 years we want to use our knowledge and experience to help other devs publishing their games, but also stick to our core values we have at Rusty Lake. And that means we want to publish quality games, creating a similar community and provide you amazing content while we work on new Rusty Lake content.

For Second Maze we hope to publish games that tells personal stories, have interesting puzzle concepts or have a very special atmosphere. To kickstart this new publishing program we will publish The White Door, a Rusty Lake title with a spin-off story.  

Devs interested in working together? Feel free to send us a message 🙂

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