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The White Door is finally ready to release officially! Are you ready to bring back color to Robert’s life?

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We are beyond excited to share this new title with the world!

Let’s start off by saying that The White Door is different than anything we made so far, not only in style but also in gameplay. But we were ready to make a big change after creating 12 games with almost the same mechanics, interface and style. After combining the new black and white style with the split-screen gameplay, we really wanted to focus on telling a personal story, the story of Robert Hill.

It was a big challenge for us to change the gameplay and puzzle mechanics we used to know, and also trying to create the most narrative based game we made so far. But after a year of hard work we can say that we are extremely proud we achieved this and that we can make something out of the ordinary, while remaining the Rusty Lake touch.

Since our start we have been lucky to have people helping us out. A lot of those people are listed in our new, almost movie worthy credits, so please take a look at them when finishing the game. The credits are accompanied by the beautiful theme song from Victor Butzelaar. His enthusiasm for this project kept us going and we couldn’t have made this story without his emotional, atmospheric and beautiful soundtrack. Bob Rafferty almost became Bob Hill with his amazing voiceovers, his work made the game so much more special. Also a big thanks to all the extra voiceovers, Sara Hill, Iris Muller, David Bowles and a cameo from John & Kimmy! The White Door probably contains the most text of all our games, so a big hands down to all our translators who did a terrific job as always, making this worldwide release possible. Thank you so much everyone - also the people in the special thanks section!

Most of all we want thank you all for your ongoing support! Our community of players is growing bigger and bigger and it is sometimes difficult to satisfy everyone and keep innovating at the same time - but we are happy you allow us to take the time to make something different like The White Door. We have a very exciting year ahead for both Rusty Lake and our new publishing label Second Maze. More of the old is coming and more exciting new projects are still in the pipeline! And if you think you completed The White Door?… This is not it…there is more to solve: stay tuned!

Thank you for your awesome support,

Robin & Maarten

Ps. We are thrilled to hear what you think. So feel free to leave a rating or review when you have played!
Ps2. Please email us at if you have any issue or glitch, remember you can always reset the level and try again.

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Jan 09, 2020

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